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Blogschool: Από Blogger σε Blogarina/WordPress με λίγα click!

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Θέλεις να μεταφέρεις το περιεχόμενο ενός ήδη υπάρχον Blogger (Google) blog στην σελίδα Blogarina/WordPress; Τότε έχουμε την λύση! 

Το παρακάτο Guide είναι της WordPress

Import your content’s import tool has one simple way to transfer your content from Blogger:

Export your content from Blogger into an .xml file, then import the file to

The import transfers your posts and comments — including text, photos, videos, and other embedded files — but not your theme, custom domain, or personal settings. You’ll set those up on yourself.

Manually exporting from Blogger

When you’re logged in to Blogger, go to Settings → Other and click “export blog.” This generates an .xml file with all your blog’s content. Save it wherever you like to save stuff.

Manually importing to

To find the importer, log in to and select My Sites in the top left of your screen. If you have more than one WordPress, select the site you’re moving to. In the sidebar, select WP Admin.

You’ll see admin options down the left sidebar. Second from the bottom is “Tools” — hover over that one, select “Import” from the menu that appears, and pick Blogger.


Click Choose File find the .xml file you just saved, and select it. Then, click Upload the file and import.




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